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LO Surfcamp_Accommodation ROOMS

Our Surfcamp is located 5min to walk from the famous Beach FOZ DO LIZANDRO. The Surfcamp has 6 rooms and space for up to 20 persons, a garden with chill out area & ocean view! Surfschool is on the property! You can also have surflessons with us! The rooms are with ocean view and partially with balcony. you will also have a fully equipped kitchen for common use! The garden has a nice chill out area and barbecue station. Internet is with 5G to provide enough bandwidth to all remote workers. Remote workers station inside the house. Access to the garden with ocean view and also the surf school is on the property. CORONA VIRUS - information traveling to portugal - visit the website: REMOTE Working - a place to work and enjoy the waves: contact us if you are searching a room for a longer period of time.

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LO Surfcamp_NEW: Beach Studio

Our Surfcamp is located 5min to walk from the famous Beach FOZ DO LIZANDRO. First time this season: Beach Studio to rent (3-4 persons) private Beach Studio, private entry, private little garden, 2 rooms, bathroom, kitchen/livingroom (50m2) Its incooperated in Our Surfcamp but with privacy for small groups! Please send an email if you want to book the beach studio!

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Ericeira is one of the greatest surf spots in Europe! With plenty of beaches, you can start to learn to surf! We provide 2 different ways of learning how to surf: 1) Free Surf: We choose the equipment with you to rent and take you with the group to the surfspot. Guidance will be given on where to enter & you just go "learning by doing" by yourself. Afterwards you will be picked up by us again! 2) Surf Lessons: We choose the equipment with you to rent and you can have surf lessons with our local surf teacher. With us you will have the flexibility to decide the best option once you are here and you talk to our surf teacher, to make sure you feel comfortable with your choice! We also give Stand up paddle tours on the river from the famous beach foz do lizandro! Even if you can not stay with us, you can book surf lessons with us! CORONA VIRUS update: we do give surf lessons in small groups, respecting all safety requirements! Feel free to contact us & book your surf experience

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SURF Rentals

LO Surfcamp does rent as well Surfboards & equipment Stand up paddle & equipment Body Boards & equipment Wetsuits

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  • Rua da Arroteia 16, Carvoeira, Portugal

INSTAGRAM: lo_surfcamp_ericeira